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BitLocker, How can I Access Drive?


Integrated BitLocker Drive Encryption helps to protect the data, address online threats or improper decommissioned computers.
Microsoft’s BitLocker encryption always force you to generate a recovery key at the time of setup. You must print the recovery key, write it down, or save it online with a Microsoft account. If you are unable to unlock the BitLocker normally, the recovery key is the only option.
When you enable BitLocker on a hard disk or SD card, Microsoft Windows encrypt the files and folders stored on the device, so that only authorized users can retrieve the data.

But sometimes, BitLocker doesn’t permit you to access the hard disk. There are various reasons behind getting locked out of your hard drive – may be TPM (Trusted Platform Module) is no longer unlocking your drive automatically or you don’t remember the recovery key which can lead to data loss as well. Relax, you can still retrieve the files and folders from BitLocker encrypted drive by using a special data recovery tool. This article is all about “how to access files and folder from BitLocker encrypted drive”.

Unlock the BitLocker encrypted hard drive for Windows

Another Windows PC on which you are accessing BitLocker enciphered hard drive must support BitLocker. Here is the list of Windows in which BitLocker is available

Windows 10 – Professional or Enterprise edition
Windows 8 – Professional or Enterprise edition, including Windows 8.1
Windows 7 – Enterprise or Ultimate edition
Windows Vista – Enterprise or Ultimate edition
Windows Server 2008 R2 – All editions
Windows Server 2012 – All editions

To access the files and folders from the BitLocker encrypted drive. Follow the mentioned process:

→ Open “Control Panel”.

→ Click on ‘System and Security”.

system security

→ Go to “BitLocker Drive Encryption”.

→ Click on “Unlock Drive”.

bitlocker drive encryption

→ If you don’t remember the password, click on “Enter Recovery Key”.

Enter Recovery Key

→ Enter the 48 digits recovery key in the text box and click “Unlock” to unlock the device.


→ If you want to turn off BitLocker Drive Encryption. Select “Turn Off BitLocker”>> “Enter Password or Recovery Key” to disable the BitLocker Drive Encryption.

If BitLocker is displaying BitLocker error every-time when it boots and you don’t have any other way to get the recovery key. You can use “Reset this PC” option to completely clean your computer. By doing this, this will enable you to use your PC but you’ll lose all the files and folders stored on it.

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