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Free Google Meet Eyeing Video Conference Space After Zoom-Doom


While many of us are adapting our ways to overcome the challenges posed by ongoing pandemic and keeping with our daily business be it office work, study, medical services, or else, some alternatives have gone out of proportion in terms of popularity. Zoom is one such name that gained additional subscribers overnight. This video conferencing tool got short in security and made way for the cyber breach to put on stake the sensitive data of millions across different fields of work. 

Prominent Entrants to Take on Zoom 

Now when Zoom is down as security concerns raised against it, a few prominent names are coming up with their video conferencing options. Like Skype and Facebook are trying to up their game, the latest entrant is Google with its preexisting video conferencing service Meet that is announced free to use during the crisis and to extend support to the professionals across the sectors. The already available paid services to its business-exclusive G Suite users, Google Meet is now allowed to all for its efforts to take on its counterparts. 

How Google Meet Fares in the Competition 

Google is facilitating free accounts to add up to 100 counts for video conferences where they can share screens and see everyone in a tiled layout. Users are provided 24 hours lasting meeting period until September, an extension from 60 minutes limit set earlier and to counter Zoom’s 40 minutes time span for free video meets. Previously, Skype advanced with its video conferencing efforts by introducing the Meet Now feature to allow join meeting in between with no restriction to sign up first for Skype account. Skype also matched much-liked Zoom features of blurred background and call recording.     

Google Meet Rising with its Daily Users  

Google reports that it’s Meet users are fast adding up as it is seeing 30x growth per day during the ongoing crisis. Such a claim suggests that Meet is growing with 3 million new users every day. Though Google has plans to avoid overwhelming of adding users by staggering free accounts for its ambitious video conference service that the internet major seems to supersede Google Hangout. Users can check on for more on free accounts. Ultimately the users will be the beneficiary given their related needs in the current crisis. 

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