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Nerds Shop Helping Businesses Better Prepare for Work from Home

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The ongoing pandemic has reduced life almost to the brink to many and businesses are no exception who have got greatly hit with limited allowed workforce and shrinking revenue. They are fast adopting work from home as a sole solution to keep up with the operations and to overcome the challenges. Nerds Shop supports businesses and is providing them everything needed from tech products, smart devices, and accessories to help their employees with home office setup and stay productive.

Develop an Effective Plan for Work from Home

There may be a few challenges for employees like creating a supportive IT environment at home and make it work. Also, they need to arrange products like computers, printers, WiFi, and more to perform at best. Nerds Shop is fully operational and helping businesses with its safe shipping of all the needed work from home devices including computer, printer, WiFi router, software, accessories, and more. Even if you need assistance in finding the right tech product, our experts are prompt and friendly to advise you appropriately about fit into the need devices.

Required WFH Policy for Proper Implementation

work from home policy

Businesses need to bring in effect a proper WFH policy that determines how their employees will communicate with the team, how the reporting on the work progress will be done, and whether you have an updated list of employee contacts. Employees can better perform if businesses make them clear about their strategy to navigate through this challenging time. Clear communication should be among the employees about team interactions to ensure maintaining a proper understanding of ongoing and future workflow.

Right technology in Place to Prepare Your Remote Workforce

Remote working

Having the right technology in place is critical to implement a successful remote workforce. Following are some requirements that businesses can consider to help their workforce prepare for work from home:

  • Provide employees with laptops for work flexibility and allow them to work their way. Also, help employees with desktops if they have to perform a sizable work.
  • Ensure that you have enough VPN licenses and enough bandwidth to access your office system on the remote.
  • Encourage the use of video conferencing apps for better communication across the office.
  • Ensure that all remote work setups fulfill your company’s IT security protocols. For example, restrict the use of personal computers.

Nerds Shop Providing Solutions to Empower Remote Workforce

Remote workforce

Employees need the proper equipment to work effectively from home. Businesses need to consider the following necessities to ensure that everyone working on remote stay productive:

  • Printer & Print Supplies: Printers and print supplies are required for different home office jobs and have to be available at the time of need. Nerds Shop offers a range of quality printer and print supply options depending on the need and purpose. Also, there are different brand options available to choose for unmatched print performance.
  • Security Software: Home computers need to connect with the office computers to communicate in a seamless and safe way.
  • Streaming Communications: Web cameras, microphones, and enough bandwidth are critical to stream live video so that employees can interact with each other, collaborate, and meet virtually.

It makes sense now to invest in remote work and collaboration devices for organizations. Take the instance of tablets, laptops, and other portable devices that have long-since erased the line between “home” and “work”. Employees want to be empowered to perform and contribute from wherever they are, whenever they need to. Flexible working policies in place encourage improved employee engagement and added productivity. Around 80% of respondents are in favor of a company with flexible working arrangements over the one without any policy.

Nerds Shop to Help for Successful WFH Implementation

WFH help

Nerds Shop as one of the leading eCommerce can help you with effective work from home tech products, accessories, and smart devices so that your employees can get everything needed for a successful work from home setup.

Whether you’re not sure which laptop, desktop, or printer will meet your work from home needs, or looking for advice on a successful remote work setup – you can call our expert consultant on 866-910-7924 to get effective work from home solutions.

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