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How To Survive Without a DVD Drive In Your Laptop

external DVD drive

Nowadays most Laptops are coming without DVD drives to make it light-weighted, space-saving such as super thin Ultrabooks or Apple’s new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with a whole host of possible options. Most of the company don’t see any reason for adding this feature.

But if you’ve always had one, it will face a little bit of discomfort while working on a laptop without a DVD drive. If you are worried about getting by, a have five methods to survive without a built-in DVD drive:

1.) Buy an External DVD Drive

Having an external drive is the easiest way to overcome the absence of a DVD drive. Just buy an external drive, plug into your USB port, pop in your CD or DVD and you are good to go! You’ll still be adept to play all of the DVDs you already have and listen to your music library without creating any space on your laptop for files. There are numerous external DVD drives to select from and the best model for you will rely on your usage and location.

If you are mainly home-based, you can choose slightly larger and more robust DVD drives, whereas if you roam a lot and like to watch movies and listen to music anywhere, we recommend you to buy one of the lighter and more portable DVD drives.

external DVD drive

2.) Rip Movies and Music

If you don’t like to carry an external DVD drive and hard disk every-time you want to watch a movie, determine about wasting a little extra time ripping your favorite movies and music to your laptop as files. But the process is more tedious than just simply connecting to an outer DVD drive, it permits you to have complete adaptability over where and when you watch your movies or tune-in to your music. There are lots of alternative available online to enable you to rip your movies. But make a note that movie files can take up a lot of space depending on which system you use to rip your files.

3.) Download Movies and Music

Downloading the movies and music is the most apparent solution to continuing without a DVD drive – just download the movies and music you would like to have on your PC using a program such as iTunes. You’ll get the access to thousands of movies, TV shows, albums etc. This alternative is also great if you want to up-to-date your library, but it can be costly if you own an extensive range of movies on DVD and Blu-Ray. Free downloads are available on free download websites, yet be careful about pirate websites with poor-quality movies.

download music

4.) Stream Online Instantly

If you are a TV or movie addict, signing up for an online video streaming websites is the best approach to cope without a DVD disc drive. So many streaming websites and applications are available where you can search for all the latest TV series, movies, music etc. NowTV and Netflix are the two most popular options and offers an extremely large selection of the most popular shows for a monthly fee. You can also discover too many online streaming websites, but most of them are illegal and provide poor viewing experience.

online streaming

5.) Buy a Flash Drive

For the less repeated users, those who have a smaller DVD collection or are continually on the move, investing in large flash and pen drive is relatively cheap and great. While you can’t keep every movie you have, a flash drive is a great alternative for those who like to keep their movies and music on hand – without consuming space on laptop’s drive.

buy flash drive

Flash drive comes in different sizes and can be also used to share, swap movies and music among friends.

Things may take some time, but you might be amazed at how easy it is to live without a DVD driver in your computer. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy all other advantages of a light, ultra-thin workstation. Have any tips for living without a DVD drive? Share your suggestions in comment.

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