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5 Alarming Symptoms: Time for Better IT Support Services


The world of technology is very competitive and to excel one has to keep up with the ongoing scenario. The bond between you and your Technical Support Provider is built on trust and its not appropriate to let your service provider take you for granted. For your business to prosper well, it is necessary to have confidence in your IT Service Provider.

Here are five symptoms denoting a bad IT support service provider:

  • Your Resident IT Expert isn’t an IT Expert at all
  • Productivity Losses Cost You Money
  • Losing Your Competitive Edge
  • Take Too Much Time to Respond
  • Your Tech Needs are Diverse


Your Resident IT Expert Isn’t an IT Expert At All

The IT Support guy may be a multitasker but not very reliable with troubleshooting IT glitches. However, these IT support providers may efficiently resolve small issues in your device and are limited to taking Wi-Fi backup for you.

The individual you consider as your “IT Expert” may not have had a proper training or belongs to an IT background. The self learned IT guy may have some basic ideas about troubleshooting but is not necessarily a pro at executing it. Troubleshooting requires proactive maintenance on your PC in order to avoid future system issues or failure, which may not be effectively achieved by your resident IT Expert.

It could be a risk to let the resident It guy handle your computer and other peripherals with all sorts of IT misfortunes making news these days. Its important to be particular about who you choose to fix your PC because you surely don’t want to lose your precious files and data.


Productivity Losses Cost You Money

Productivity is compromised when the system acts abnormally and software doesn’t respond. It may take quite some time if you attempt to resolve the issue by yourself. In case you fail you have no choice left but to call your IT support. It may take another 30 minutes or more for your IT support guy to fix the issue with your device.
Therefore, the IT support provider must understand the value of time and provide you with the best solution immediately diminishing the downtime of your device.
Such skills require a specific level of expertise and experience that you might not find in your existing IT support.


Losing Your Competitive Edge

New technologies are hitting the market every day. Being a user, marketer or organization, we all need to stay up-to-date about the latest trends and have an adaptive attitude in order to grow.

If you neglect the latest technologies, you might lose piece of the pie or face difficulties fitting in later.

Apart from a reliable communication system and proper connectivity, technology is the additional advantage that everyone needs. You have to constantly seek much more advanced technologies, implement them and never lose the competitive edge.


Take Too Much Time to Respond

If an application crashes or hardware stops responding, you need to be aware of how much time it usually takes to fix the problem. When your IT support spends a lot of time fixing it, you feel that your money is wasted and your work efficiency is disturbed. Thus, choose an IT support which gives instant output addressing all your tech issues from start to finish.
There are many IT support service providers who have a guaranteed response time. You may browse through their reviews online to ensure the quality of work they provide.
A well versed IT support provider takes the responsibility of your computer devices and peripherals, closely monitor, maintain and manage the systems.


Your Tech Needs are Diverse

Have you been working with the same IT Support Company for years or still trying to manage your IT in-house? Then your technical needs have certainly outgrown to an extent they can oversee.
You use advanced technologies to adequately manage day-to-day tasks to accomplish and compete in today’s market. Your existing IT support services may be unable to manage a wide array of technologies. This can lead to great distress and finally compel your IT guy to “learn as they go”.  A well versed IT support understands and implements new technologies to satisfy your IT needs. You ought to trust their expertise for your business growth.

Always keep in mind that no IT support is perfect. To stay competitive, you need to use the latest technologies. Also, you must have an IT support service provider who works to streamline your systems with new technologies.

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