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How to Download More Voices for Windows Narrator

windows narrator voices

Windows Narrator is one of a few availabilities works in Windows 10. It performs as a simple screen reader for users with visual disabilities.

But even if you don’t require it for that consideration, you may still identify Windows Narrator useful and you may need to download and install voices other than the default. These are primitive text-to-speech (TTS) voices you can download for Windows Narrator.

Download More Voices for Windows Narrator

Windows 10 consists of a couple of additional voices other than the default. To adjust the voices, go to Settings > Ease of Access > Narrator and under Personalize Narrator’s voice, select another voice from the drop-down box.

But what if you need entirely new voices. Unfortunately, this is not as simple as it was.

In previous versions of Windows, you could utilize some voice-related downloads from Microsoft. Utilizing them, you could plunge into the registry and do a couple of changes to advise Windows to use the new voices.

Windows 10 keeps the Narrator voice data in a differ location in comparison to previous Windows version, rendering prior strategies are unsuccessful.

While you may have the ability to delve around in the Registry to make this work, there is no assurance that future updates of Windows 10 will not break it. Additionally, we don’t care for recommending strategies that need extensive Registry modification, as they are more likely to introduce the problems.

In this way, if you require more Windows Narrator voices, you’ll need to take after Microsoft’s recommendations to have a look at third-party tools. It focuses on a couple of other voice synthesizer software that supports SAPI 5, consisting:

1.) Harpo
2.) CereProc
3.) NextUp
4.) Eloquence
5.) Vocalizer for Windows

None of these software  are free, but if you require an excellent screen reader or voice, they’re well worth paying for.

In the latest release of Windows 10, new voices are added to the list. You can choose the voice accordingly from Start > Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language > Language section. This permits you to add more language to Windows 10 and displays the language you have previously installed.

windows narrator

Click on “Add” to include a new language to Windows and add the language for the voice you like to utilize.

Choose any installed voice and an Option button displays. By clicking on this Option button, which enables you to download the voice if you haven’t installed it already.

If you want to type with your voice, look for the best free speech-to-text tools for Windows 10.

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