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What to Know Before Purchasing a Laptop

Mobile computing has become a need today, so why you should choose a laptop than a tablet or a smartphone for your on-the-go computer-based work? For one thing, laptops have a keyboard, believed by many to be faster and convenient easier than a touchpad for computing-related tasks.

Laptops also offer larger storage capacity, with the majority of models having a storage capacity of 250GB. Apart from that, a laptop also has a CD/DVD drive that you need to access older media, and the ability to run high-powered and full-featured software. Also, many laptops provide USB ports to plug in peripherals like a wired or USB mouse, HDMI ports to use with a projector or a separate monitor, SD memory card slots, Ethernet ports, and other universal ports. Visit one of the leading electronics stores in Pennsylvania or go online to see great choices in laptops.

Select the Best Laptop for You
A better first step in choosing the laptop is deciding how you'll use it. For casual use, checking social media, sending the e-mail, and surfing the Web - you will get well-served by lighter and more affordable laptop models like HP STREAM 11.6" N3050 Blue, Acer Aspire 1 Laptop, Acer Chromebook 15 Laptop, and more. If you ask more from your laptop, like music, using office software, streaming and saving movies, or for tasks like document creation, and spreadsheets, you'll be needed more hard drive storage. Go to Nerds Shop, one of the most popular electronic eCommerce stores in the USA to get access to a variety of laptop models. For multitasking with programs and multiple tabs, playing video games, editing photos, or producing videos, you'll want a laptop with a large screen size, fast processor, and more random access memory like Acer Swift 5 Laptop, Acer Swift 3 Laptop, ASUS ZenBook Pro, and more.

More Considerations for a Laptop
You'll need a good screen resolution from HD for surfing Web to 4K Ultra HD which creates rich images and colors you wish for editing or gaming. Weight should also be kept in mind as a larger screen and more capacity translate to additional weight. Streamlined options come under 3 lbs, with the best personal computer laptop for gamers usually weigh over 6 lbs. For gaming laptops, you can consider ASUS ROG Strix Scar Edition, Acer Predator Helios 300, ASUS ROG Zephyrus S, and more.  An operating system, the heart of the laptop, manages the software and hardware. You can choose the most common laptop operating system for a PC - Microsoft Window, or easy-to-use Google Chrome OS. As for storage, mechanical hard disk drives (HDD) are very usual because they're relatively less expensive and have bigger capacities, while recent solid-state drives (SSD) are quick in response, but offer less capacity. Users who save music, video, and photos in a cloud, and use web-based software instead of storing it on the device can go with less storage. Not gamers, who require large HDD space for bigger game files. If you need a larger drive, you may consider adding an external SSD to your laptop.

Laptop Brands You'll Love to Have
Finding the best laptop can be confusing due to the multiple choices with more or fewer features on offer from several brands. Nerds Shop offers laptop models from trusted brands that provide the latest technology and quality components. So whether you are thinking to buy a Dell laptop because you've always had a Dell, or wanting to try out the Microsoft Surface Book with touch screen, or have a budget limited to laptops under $400, we have a great selection at affordable prices and can help you through the process of finding the best laptop based on your requirements.

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