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Microsoft 365 Updates & Everything You Need To Know About It!

Windows 365

The paradigm of working is shifting to remote working. We can say that the future is now hybrid, and the leaders of tomorrow are empowering their workers to adopt the new shift of working methods. The advancements in technology allowing us to work remotely and seamlessly collaborate and be more efficient in whatever we do from anywhere and at any time. Microsoft 365 is one such platform. Last month Microsoft shared a variety of new updates and innovations to Microsoft Teams Room. Let us look at what else Microsoft is bringing this month.

Create Tasks from Teams Messages

It is one of the most convenient features that Microsoft 365 introduced in Teams. Using a third-party application can hinder or disrupt your workflow. Therefore, this feature comes in handy. To create tasks from the messages, all you have to do is click the three dots (…) and click on More Actions and select Create Task. It is this simple. You can track all the tasks that you create in the Task App in teams.

Spotlight Multiple Users

Team meetings can be confusing at times. When multiple people are talking, it is hard to cope up with what everyone is saying. Therefore, with this feature, you can spotlight several users for presentations.

Manage Your Attendees’ Camera Settings

With the latest Microsoft 365 updates, you will get the ease to manage your attendees’ audio and video permissions. As we all are working from home, it sometimes gets a little fussy from background chitter-chatter. Therefore, this feature gives you the ability to enable or disable the individual’s camera and audio.

Seamlessly Connect with Co-Workers within Your Organization

With the help of the new Organization Explorer in Outlook, you can find, discover, and explore people from your organization seamlessly.

Enriched Profile Cards to Find Information about People

It is powered by Microsoft Graph. It organizes billions of signals throughout your organization as people work in Microsoft 365. It is not your regular directory, it is beyond that, and it provides contextual information about a person.

Be Productive with Outlook Mobile with Cortana

The best thing about Outlook Mobile is that it comes with Cortana functionality. It will save you a lot of time and complete your work with maximum efficiency. It enables you to be more productive. All you have to do is ask Cortana, and it will tell you when your next meeting is. In simpler terms, you do not have to type every time you want to search because you can do it with your voice.

Automate Meeting Scheduling

On average, the scheduled meetings last for up to six to twenty-nine minutes. With the new update of Microsoft 365, you can add Cortana to your email address to automate your meeting scheduling. After adding Cortana to your email, you can ask to find a time to meet next week, and it will figure out a suitable timing and send out invites automatically.

To Sum It Up

Windows 365 Cloud PC is an ideal fit for the hybrid world. Microsoft revolutionizes the computing domain and ensures the users can work efficiently by being more productive. Therefore, the new updates of Microsoft 365 would be a game-changer.

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