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Microsoft Unveils Windows 11- Is It Going To Be The Next Big Thing?

Microsoft Unveils Windows 11

Back in the time, Microsoft revolutionized the completely computing world with the release of their Operating System. Ever since then, we have not looked behind. After the success of Windows 10, Microsoft is ready to take over the world of computing once again with Windows 11. With UI improvements, the upcoming Operating System is going to introduce new features that help users tremendously. Let see what you will get with the latest version of the operating system.

Windows 11 is coming with all new updates. It comes with a fresh user interface, with minimalist changes to the design of the operating system. Microsoft is launching it after six years after the initial release of Windows 10.

Redefine Productivity and Creativity with Ease

With the simple design and intuitive user interface, you can unleash the horses of your immense productivity and be fiercely creative. Everything is modern about the brand new Windows 11. The looks are fresh, clean, and beautiful that helps you boost your focus and be more productive than ever. The new position of the Start button gives you more accessibility, and you can quickly find what you need. It is highly customizable that enables you to organize and multitask with ease.

Connect with the People You Love

With Windows 11, you will get Chat from Microsoft Teams integrated into the taskbar. It is a feature that enables you to connect with all your contacts via text, chat, voice, or video, irrespective of the platform they are using (Android or iOS). The best thing about it is that if the person you are talking to has not got access to Microsoft Teams, you can still connect with them with the help of a two-way SMS service.

Unleash the Gamer in You

Windows 11 is a gamer’s best friend. The company has optimized the operating system to make it more gamer-friendly. It comes with the latest gaming technology like DirectX 12 Ultimate. It gives you breath-taking visuals and immersive graphics. Along with that, it comes with DirectStorage for faster load times, Auto HDR for vivid and vibrant colors for a captivating visual experience.

Get All the Information & News in a Split Second

The brand new Microsoft operating system works with AI for a better and more personalized experience. Everything you care about comes with faster and more intuitive widgets, so you do not miss any crucial information that matters to you.

All-New Microsoft Store That Brings Together Your Favorite Apps & Entertainment

It is a place where you can find everything from your favorite applications to entertainment under one roof. It is more efficient and optimized with a new design with easy to use interface. Many third-party applications like Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio, Disney+, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom, and Canva are coming on board with the Microsoft store. The store guarantees you peace of mind because the operating system has passed the security test.


Moreover, it is one of the phenomenal updates that Microsoft is launching later this year. It is going to be a game-changer for developers and creators. The company is enabling developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) irrespective of the framework.

The Microsoft updates are coming later this year. Hence, it is the best time to upgrade your tech gadgets.

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