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LG’s New OLED Display Goes from Flat to Curved for Gaming

LG OLED display
To enhance your gaming experience, LG is presenting their brand new LG OLED Display. It is one of the most advanced displays in the market that enhance your gaming experience by 10x folds. The brand new LG OLED Display comes with Cinematic Sound (CSO) OLED technology, which will give you a better gaming experience.

LG’s CSO OLED Display can vibrate and throws out the sound, which eliminates the use of speakers altogether. The film exciter (which is a crucial component because of which the new display produces sound and vibrate) is now slimmed down from 9mm to 0.6mm. It makes the brand new LG OLED TV one of the slimmest out there in the market.

Not only that but also the brand new LG OLED display has a 40 to 120 Hz refresh rate, which makes it soothing for the eyes. With an infinite contrast ratio, it won’t be a struggle to slay dragons for a prolonged period of time. The best thing about the new LG’s CSO OLED Display is, it can go from curved display to fully-flat display with just a click. Right after you are done with hunting dragons and completing all those in-game quests, you can relax a little by viewing cat videos on the LG OLED TV.

The primary focus of the brand new LG OLED display is gaming fanatics as it has a faster pixel response time that gives out a better contrast ratio, than any other display available in the market. With LG’s CSO OLED Display, you can turn any movie night into a fun and thrilling game night, in just a matter of seconds.

This LG OLED Display can easily replace your regular gaming monitor, sound bar, and television in no time. LG’s is in the hot buzz of the tech freaks and the gaming enthusiasts since the announcement of their two-in-one LG OLED TV.

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