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Samsung unveils its newest offering with Galaxy Book Pro, Galaxy Book Pro 360 & more!

Galaxy Book Pro & Galaxy Book Pro 360

Samsung is one of the heavyweights in the market when it comes to technology. Be it the newest models of mobile phone devices or Samsung new laptops. The technology giant never fails to amaze us. It’s only April, and Samsung has already announced its new Galaxy Book laptops are coming to rule the market.

The new range of Galaxy Book Laptops comes at a premium price tag. The Galaxy Book Pro comes for $999 whereas, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 touches a more premium $1199 range. Not only that, Samsung is coming out with their mainstream Galaxy Book Odyssey gaming laptop as well, and it is touching the $1399 price mark.

These laptops are for those individuals who are trying to achieve something exceptional. It is light, thin, and are compatible with the company’s rest of the products, including SmartThings smart home tech. This year some phenomenal innovations are taking place, and seamless working between Windows and Android like Apple’s ecosystem is one of them. The best thing about it is that it comes with some extra-added benefits such as touchscreens, which improve the overall user experience.

Microsoft and Intel joined hands and designed the magnificent Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 models. In fact, both of these models bear Intel’s Evo branding. These phenomenal lightweight current-gen responsive laptops come with tonnes of features. The Thunderbolt 4, 11th Generation Core i7 processor, Wi-Fi 6E support, and conferencing optimized processing are some of the prime focus points. According to Intel, it is their thinnest Evo design yet. Samsung concurred and even claimed that it is one of the ultra-slim and ultralight laptops. It only weighs 2.2 pounds after including the charger. Well, that is exceptionally lightweight indeed.

If we talk about the built quality, the Galaxy Book Pro comes with a clamshell design, while on other hand, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 comes in a two-in-one design. These premium offerings by Samsung come in 13-inch and a 15-inch OLED display with several color options like gold, blue, or bronze. Not only that, but the display also has Samsung’s built-in low-blue-light technology that would not strain your eyes during intense working sessions. Do you know what other things these Samsung new laptops offer? The Pro 360 supports the S-Pen stylus that you do not separately have to buy because it comes as a bundle deal with it.

If you are one of those multitaskers who are always on the move, then these laptops are a blessing for you. According to the claims by Samsung, you will be getting up to 16-hours of work time. In other words, it comes with a massive battery that will not die on you before your presentation or business meetings. Additionally, both of these laptops come with a fast-charging feature, which means it will charge up the battery from 0% to 100% in about 30-minutes. The fast-charging is an Evo requirement, and it is beneficial to the users without any doubts.

Both these laptops are for serious work and enhance your productivity. On top of that, the lightweight makes it even more portable. It comes with additional features like updated noise-cancelling mics, but the only con Galaxy Book Pro & Galaxy Book Pro 360 have is 720p webcams. We are not saying it is a bad thing, but these days 4k cameras are something we can expect at this price point. Another bittersweet thing about Galaxy Book Pro 360 is that while it comes with 5G technology, but it won’t be available in the US until later this year.

The brand new Galaxy Book Odyssey comes with RTX 3050 TI and 11th-gen Tiger Lake graphics processors, which will enhance the gaming experience by ten folds. It is one of the best and powerful laptops for gaming enthusiasts out there. The only thing that these gamers have to face is late shipping. Initially, the Galaxy Book Odyssey will not be available in the US, though you can expect it to be available in the month of August.

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