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What is the New “Block Suspicious Behaviors” Feature in Windows 10?

block suspicious behaviors

The Redstone 5 update of Windows 10 contains a new security feature named ‘Block Suspicious Behaviors’. This security aspect is intended to protect your device from suspicious behavior of any application and variety of threats. This blog will let you know how to turn on or turn off the Block Suspicious Behaviors feature preventing any file or app to infect your device. […]

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KRACK Wi-Fi Security Attack: WPA2 Wi-Fi Network Vulnerability


Most wireless connections are secured with the Wi-Fi Protocol Acess. WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protocol Access 2) encrypts the connection between a PC or Smartphone and Wi-Fi Access Point to make your browsing safe. But this encrypted connection can be cracked, it is feasible for somebody to read what is transmitted over the network, permitting them to intercept the passwords or credit card details or to infuse malicious code when user visit websites. […]

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