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5 Tips to Ensure Your Email Stays Out of the Spam Folder

spam folder

Spam is an irrelevant, unsolicited email, sent in bulk to a list of subscribers over the internet for the purpose of advertising, phishing and spreading malware.

Every email you send to your mailing list is a chance to connect and remind them about you, but it is possible only when your email directly delivered into their your Inbox instead of SPAM (Junk) folder. Hitting the spam folder or promotional folder can keep your emails away from being seen.


Do you want to know how to prevent the emails from landing into your SPAM inbox and improve email deliverability? Reaching to your prospects in-boxes is not that tough if you know how to keep your emails out of their spam folder. So, here are some simple and awesome tips you need to follow to ensure spam emails don’t let you lose your targeted customers:

Write a valid subject line

Keep your subject line short and sweet. Subject Line is the most important factor of any email. Email subject line must be as precise as possible. Avoid to contain any deceptive claims or include random characters such as “Re:” or “Fwd:” which can damage sender reputation and divert your email to the spam folder. Don’t use all capital letters in the subject line as they are internet code for shouting and being rude.

Watch what you say

  • D o n’ t u s e s p a c e b e t w e e n l e t t e r s !
  • Only one exclamation mark works great, don’t use it like crazy such as !!!!!!!!3!!!!
  • Avoid gimmicky words and phrases like buy now, click here to get it free, money making, get paid etc.
  • Use black font which is easily readable and looks professional.
  • Don’t use multiple colors fonts in subject line and email body. They’ll only provoke spam filters.
  • Add links in your email body but not too many, keep it minimum as well as don’t use the URL shorteners.


Avoid certain attachment types:

Usually, .jpg, .gif, .png, and .pdf attachments are secure to attach as email attachment. These types of attachments are informational which has some content in the email. However, executable attachments like .exe, .zip, .swf etc. Should be ignored completely. If you want to send large attachments or an attachment type that generally can be flagged as spam or trigger virus scanners, we suggest you to use or Google Drive.

Balance the image-to-text ratio

Useless images in the email body which gives you more space to speak with your words. If email has more images than text, it will get lots of red flags. Follow these tips while using image in emails:

  • Don’t create and send any image-only emails
  • Add two line of text to define every graphic
  • Optimize images the best you can
  • Use well-formed HTML for email


A clear unsubscribe link

Nobody likes it when subscriber unsubscribes the mailing list. But getting spammed is worse than unsubscribe. A clear unsubscribe option will decrease the chance of being marked as SPAM.

By following the above guidelines, you can draft emails efficiently with lower risk of it landing in SPAM folder.

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