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Save Microsoft Word Document as a Web Page

save ms word file as webpage

Most users do not use Microsoft Word as a tool for designing web pages and that’s fine. But if you want to convert an existing MS Word document into a web page, Word has some built-in tools. Converting a word document to a web page is an easy task, but there is not an ideal strategy to accomplish this. If you wish to keep the similar formatting as it is in .doc or .docx file, save the Word file with built-in “Save As” option to turn a .doc file into .html file.

How to Save Your Document as a Web Page

Open the MS Word document you want to save as .html page. From the “File” menu, select “Save As” command, and then go to “Browse” option.

browse option
A “Save As” window appears, choose the location where you would want to save the file. Give a name to your web page into “File Name” box. By default, the name of your Word document will appear in the “File Name” box, you can rename it with a new name.

file name
Now, click on “Save as type”, here you will see three options to save your word file as a web page. These three options include: Single File Web Page, Web Page, and Web Page, Filtered.

save word file as web page

All of these three options turn your .doc or .docx file into a webpage. However, each web page creates a slightly different kind of HTML file. The usage of a specific web page entirely depends on your preferences.

Let’s have a closer look at all three options.

Option 1: Save Your Document as a Filtered Web Page

Saving your web page in “Filtered Web Page” format is the best way to preserve the document formation as it is in Word file. It keeps the file size small and strips out a set of additional HTML code which is not required. This kind of web page has the cleanest code and boost the loading time. Filtered Web Page additionally strips Word-specific formatting elements from the .doc or .docx file. You should choose this web page format if you do not want to turn the web page into a Word document later.

Choose “Web Page, Filtered” from the “Save as type” drop-down menu.

Click the “Change Title” button.

save word file as Filtered Web Page
Enter text in the “Page Title” text box, and click “OK” button followed by “Save”.

Web Page Filtered file naming

A warning box pop-up displays asking if you want to change the document in filtered web page because it will remove Office-specific tags and some of its features. To save, click “Yes”.

click on yes

Now, you can open this web page in any browser to check and upload it on your website. By default, .html file is saved in the selected folder and images are stored in a sub-folder.

Save Your Document as a Web Page

“Web Page” alternative works a bit differently. This also saves your .doc or .docx as an HTML file and stores images into its sub-folder, but the “Web Page” preserves the Word document formatting and extra document information instead of filtering them.

save word file as a webpage
Since it stores information, this web page is slightly larger than the filtered web page. All you need to do is to use different types of formatting in the Word document and “Save”.

Save Your Document as a Single File Web Page

Keep the “Save as type” to “Single File Web Page” to save all possible formatting similarly as “Web Page”. But instead of storing images into a different folder, it saves images and web page as part of the same MHTML file.

save word file as single file web page
It becomes convenient to monitor pages without paying heed to different supporting files. The “Single File Web Page” option has the capacity to store much larger file. Sometimes, the final file size is close to a combination of page size and its images. The file may get even larger depending on what’s getting saved.

Using “Single File Web Page” is not the best option if you want to add web pages on your website. You can use such kind of web page to share a document with someone who has no other method to read a Word file.

You can use the above methods to convert your MS Word file into a web page according to your needs. If you have any feedback or some other ideas related to this, please do share with us in comment section.

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