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How to Speed Up your Chromebook


Chrome is a popular and efficient web browser for your PC. Chromebook operating system is programmed with plenty of self-checks to ensure it runs fast and smooth. Chromebooks have too many advantages, but its resistance to the unavoidable slowdown is unfortunately not one of them. But over the time, it gradually slows down.


Why Do Chromebooks Slow Down Over Time?

Chromebooks are not designed for heavy usage. Sometimes, even less amount of workload may also shutter it. There may be various reasons why this happens:

• Extensions: You love to browse and add new extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Apparently it is not in the favor of the system. The more extensions, the more errands you have running in the background which may make it sluggish.

• Applications: Installation of too many applications on your Chromebook increases the usage of system resources which may decrease the speed.

• Downloads and Locally-Stored Files: Chromebooks usually have limited storage. Storing the downloaded and created files locally slows it down as it gets close to capacity.

• The Web is Just Getting Heavier: The internet is expanding and getting powerful steadily which means that Chromebook needs to work vigorously to render pages. The older version you have, the more problematic it can be.


Speed up your Chromebook

Chromebook works similar to your Laptop device. The more you use it, the slower it becomes. In this blog, we will go through a few tips and tricks to make your Chromebook run as fast as new. Let’s get started:

Check OS Update

Chromebooks are presumed to update itself automatically. But sometimes, they do miss updates. To make sure that you run the latest version:
1. Click on taskbar and select “Settings
2. Click “Help” in the left side pane
3. Check the version number. If your Chromebook is upgraded to the latest version, you will notice that “your device is up to date”. If your Chromebook is still running the older version, you will be able to update it to the latest.



Disable Extensions

Too many extension installations may slow down your Chromebook. Sometimes, it is possible that a specific extension crashes or diminishes the speed of your Chromebook. In this case, you have to do the guesswork by disabling them one by one and notice if it improves the functionality.

To manage extensions:

1. Open “Chrome
2. Go to the main Chrome menu (top-right, or type Alt-F)
3. Select “Settings
4. Click on “Extensions” in the left side pane
5. You will notice a list of extensions which can enabled and disabled as required.
To access extensions quickly, type “chrome:extensions” in the address bar.

Disable extensions


Remove the Plugins which are not in Use

Multiple chrome plugins also causes problems. Make sure you remove the plugins which are unnecessary.

Plugins need a little more digging:

1. Open “Chrome
2. Go to the main Chrome menu (top-right, or type Alt-F)
3. Select “Settings
4. Scroll to the bottom and click “Show advanced settings
5. Scroll to “Privacy” and click “Content settings” button
6. Scroll down to check active plugins and click “Disable individual plugins
7. Click “Disable” under the name of any plugins not in use
To access plugins quickly, type “chrome:plugins” in the address bar.

remove plugin


Websites Take Time to Load

If you notice that web pages take too much time to load, modification in one of Google’s content setting can be of some help.
1. Open “Chrome
2. Go to the main Chrome menu (top-right, or type Alt-F)
3. Select “Settings
4. Scroll down and select “Show advanced settings
5. Scroll to “Privacy“, and deselect “Use a web service to help resolve navigation errors

website takes time to load


Clean Up your Chromebook to Reset

Even if everything fails, you can still reset the Chromebook. Ensure that you have taken the backup of the local storage as resetting your Chromebook will delete all the data stored locally.
1. Open “Chrome
2. Go to the main Chrome menu (top-right, or type Alt-F)
3. Click “Settings
4. Scroll to the bottom and select “Show advanced settings
5. Scroll to the end, click on “Clean up computer” and follow the instructions
6. Hit the “Restart” button to complete the process


Follow all the methods shown above to speed-up your Chromebook. If you have any other tips or tricks, do not hesitate to share it with us in the comment section.

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