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Don’t be Victim to the Deadly Scams!!


The Tech Support scam has been circulating all over US diluting your privacy. The pervasiveness of this scam is so huge that people naively fall into the trap of scammers. We cannot vanish it completely but can help you deal with the situation real quick. We have got your back, read through carefully and stay secure.

What these Scammers Do to Trap You?

  • Call you directly or give a robo call
  • Use the name of your existing brand like Microsoft, Windows, Geek Squad etc. and bluff that its running out of business
  • Take remote access or personal/banking details
  • Ask you to follow some steps promising you a refund for the services availed
  • Tell you to transfer funds through Western Union or MoneyGram
  • Request you to purchase Google or iTunes play card which cannot be retrieved from the bank later

These faceless scammers do their homework beforehand and know exactly how to fool and yield money from people. You have to be smart and identify these fake calls.

How to be Secure From a Scam Call?

  • Hang up as soon as you find its a suspicious call
  • Note down the information you could collect from the call
  • Immediately contact us
  • Do not provide your Personal or Banking details
  • Block these numbers instantly

Do not panic over these fake calls or get anxious. Do not buy what the caller (may be a scammer) tells you. Use your sanity and verify whether the call was made by your Tech Support company or brand.

Never share your confidential details like passwords, generated codes or banking details with anyone over call. No Tech Support Service Provider asks for your personal details or remote access unless you permit them to look into your system.

Is it too Late? Have you Already Become a Victim?
It may happen with anyone, without even realizing that its a trap. In case you are already infected:

  • Disconnect the remote access on an immediate basis
  • Call your bank and request them to disable the transaction
  • To diagnose the damages done by the scammers so far, you may call us

Please do not take this article lightly, your ignorance may affect you. Spread the awareness and always let your Tech Support Provider know of any suspicious call or threat on your system. However, no Tech Support Brand shall or is liable to bear the blame for your loss.

Be Aware! Stay Secure!

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