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Filthy Scam Game – Be Careful, Stay Secure!


Scams take no time to spread like wildfire. The scammers are targeting tech support companies and conspiring to steal your data and money using various brand names like Microsoft, Windows, Geek Squad and other brands. It may be a normal call or in the form of an automated message advancing you to take steps that you shouldn’t be taking. You need to be alert about any suspicious call which seeks your personal details and tries to gain access to your device.

These scammers may tell you that a refund will be made for the services you had requested earlier as the tech support company is shutting down. Do not buy what you hear unless you verify it. In such a situation, you must call your tech support company and report the number you were called from using their name.

Your awareness can save you from the captivity of such devilish shackles of scammers and help the company take immediate action against them. It is not advisable to share your personal details like passwords, generated codes, debit/credit card details or remote access of your system.

A single wrong move from your end may help the scammers gain an unauthorized access to your device. You may feel cheated by the company you had been trusting for so long, but here is the catch, did you verify whether the call was actually made by the company?
The loss is not just personal, it may hamper businesses and drain out money from your bank account. The most sane thing you can do is, to inform your tech support company as soon as you get such calls without thinking twice. Also, share the ongoing dirty scam game with your near and dear ones to alert them. The scammers have no name or face. They can pull out your name from any database and target you. Your security lies in your hands, be aware and do not be prey to such scams.

Please Be Aware that falling into such hoax can result in major losses and no brand will be liable for any personal losses if this message is ignored.

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