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Scammers on the Run – Be Cautious!

Scam Alert Beware

Be alert! Be aware!

Dear Customer,
Some unwanted beings are on the run trying to tarnish the relationship between you and your existing tech support company. You may receive a call from an unknown number misguiding you to give away your devices’ remote access. The scammers may bluff you stating that the tech support company you rely on is shutting down and they are here to refund your money.

It does not take much time for the scammers to pull out your contact and make you prey of their dirty motives. Most of these calls are automated and would require you to advance by pressing digits enabling them to further fool you. We are here to aware you about the filthy scams running across US defaming big brands and draining you both in terms of money and data.

Make sure that you immediately call your tech support company and verify about any such call.
Your privacy is important. No tech support company asks you for remote access unless you reach them out for help and give the authority to do so. Please do not provide any personal details, passwords or credit/debit card details without cross checking with your trusted tech support company.

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