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How to Get Rid of “Suggested Apps” in Windows 10

Windows 10 Anniversary update is a great upgrade as compared to the previous versions of Windows except the part where it recommends applications for your use in the start menu. These suggestions may be annoying. A new addition to this annoyance is the introduction of the “suggested app” suggestions in Windows Start Menu on the left side under your existing apps and on the right side it appears as live tiles. […]

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What is the New “Block Suspicious Behaviors” Feature in Windows 10?

block suspicious behaviors

The Redstone 5 update of Windows 10 contains a new security feature named ‘Block Suspicious Behaviors’. This security aspect is intended to protect your device from suspicious behavior of any application and variety of threats. This blog will let you know how to turn on or turn off the Block Suspicious Behaviors feature preventing any file or app to infect your device. […]

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How to Fix Desktop Refers to A Location That Is Unavailable Error

location not found

Most of users keep a lot of files on the Desktop of their PC and this is the location where they arrive after signing up. Sometimes the desktop is not accessible with an error which creates utter confusion. “Desktop location is not available” if this kind of error pops up anytime, don’t baffle at all! Your files are secure, its the PC which is unable to locate it.[…]

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